Natalie Rose

Thanks for stopping by! It means the world to me. 

Thats me on the right with the camera and the goofy grin! 

On the left is one of my couples who flew me out to Montana with them for their epic engagement shoot in Glacier National Park! An image of ours got featured on their instagram. So fun! Beyond excited to shoot their wedding in February!

I have also been hired out to Miami, Turks and Caicos, LA and Napa to do photoshoots! Don't worry though -  I love my Indiana folks and am here to serve you despite if we stick around here or go somewhere cooler!

Growing up in Indiana has helped train my eye and made my appreciation for beauty unique and creative since its not always apparent to the non-creative!  Thats what Im here for!

I have been doing photography since high school (10 years ago - oof that hurt) where I first discovered my love and was encouraged to pursue it as a career. 

After high school,  I earned my BFA in Photography at Herron School of Art + Design in 2015. 

Since then I have been out to LA for a year exclusively photographing some celebrity clients. Then I came back to Indiana to be closer to family again (isn't that what always happens) while still being able to travel!

I love talking and joking around with my clients during our shoots. I remember my first and only photoshoot before becoming a photographer. It was the most awkward experience ever. The guy barely talked to me. He didn't instruct me. I felt lost. I didn't know what was going on. Oh and guess what. I picked two pictures from the 50 he presented to me only because my mom begged me to!  

What I learned from this was wow - I felt uncomfortable and lost, didn't have a good time, wasn't encouraged, and in turn didn't like the photos.  So my goal from the very beginning of my career has been to have a fun time with my clients, talk and engage with them, befriend them, and guess what?! I've never had clients only pick two photos. Never! My clients feel at ease because they are having a great time and it shows in the photos.  I will guide and instruct you and will allow you to view the photos while the session is going on so you feel comfortable and know what's going on!!

You're not a model? Cool. I love a challenge. Most of my clients aren't, so no worries.

However, I am human with my own insecurities and get that everyone has them.  I will always try and safeguard my clients from theirs because there are plenty of other things that radiate from you!  I see beauty in everyone and every place.

 My job is to find your most flattering angle and poses and to make you shine and recognize how awesome you are. It's an amazing confidence boost, trust me. You'll wish you would have gotten your photos taken sooner! 

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